We’re done

Hello people, CMAE has been active since 2013, with several pages on different aviation topics, sadly we now announce the retirement of most of the pages aswell as CMAE as a concept.

We will still be running the pages Commercial Plane Lovers and the 747 Fan club (Group) to the best of our abilities and we will try to merge the old pages into this.

On behalf of the management team we would like to thank the admins and former admins of CMAE,  upwards to 60 people from almost 30 countries working together to show the world the beauty of aviation.  We’ve had a great run with some amaizng people and we hope that you, the audience have enjoyed it while it lasted.

Best regards, and good luck to our admins

Ronnie Oliver & Iver Daaland Åse

(President and Vice-President of CMAE)


All emails listed on this page (aswell as the contact form) as contact info is no longer valid, for contact with Ronnie or Iver, use; contact@iverdaa.com